She has not left us a manifesto, perhaps quite deliberately so. Manifestos make us lazy. Rather, she has left us a warm and complex work of art, a reminder of a process, a way of working and living, a way of looking at that which may seem of little value and finding its enormous transformative power.
— Barbara Ransby describing Ella Baker's legacy in Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision
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Mattice Haynes is an advocate for black women's wholistic health and well-being, a social-justice-healing-centered facilitator, coach, consultant and social entrepreneur. She centers and follows the voices and leadership of those who are historically excluded and most impacted by injustice. Mattice is committed to advancing the self-determination, healing and liberation of black people, people of color and others who hold marginalized identities.

Mattice is the Founder of The Art of Community, LLC, a decade old black-southern-woman-led social justice facilitation and consulting practice. Prior to creating The Art of Community she held leadership positions in nonprofits and business. For twenty years, Mattice has facilitated inclusive conversations and led local, regional, and national participatory processes seeking to disrupt racial injustice and ignite transformation on a broad range of systemic issues. Some examples include citywide public engagements to facilitate Mayoral transitions in New York City and Washington, DC with a focus on community-police relations and affordable housing; focus groups with mothers with lived experience discussing how to break cycles of generational poverty in the Atlanta area; community conversations on mental health solutions in Sacramento, CA and Washington, DC as a part of a national dialogue; and a community action planning process in the City of Decatur, GA focusing on cultivating a more welcoming, inclusive and equitable city.

Mattice now supports individuals, collectives, collaboratives, systems, networks, neighborhoods and communities with healing-centered coaching, facilitation and immersive learning experiences which seek to transform the root causes of harm. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Policy from Georgia State University and is a certified coach.

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