I coach people who are making themselves and our communities more free. I facilitate experiences for us to practice our freedom together.
Mattice headshot 2018.jpg

Mattice Haynes is a Black, southern woman and mother who champions Black communities and Black people's inherent right to wholeness, health and well-being. She has twenty years of experience as a social justice facilitator & coach, social entrepreneur, and community engagement consultant working with local, regional and national nonprofit organizations, government, and philanthropy. 

Mattice is committed to advancing the self-determination, healing and liberation of all Black people and people of color. She supports individuals, collectives, networks, neighborhoods and communities with healing-centered coaching and facilitated experiences which seek to transform root causes of harm and injustice. 

Mattice earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Policy from Georgia State University and is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC).