Without community, there is no liberation
— Audre Lorde


As a facilitator I strive to design and hold liberatory space for groups to learn, heal, grow and conjure together. I provide process leadership, accountability, and guidance towards your goals. I’m experienced in a number of creative, healing and participatory facilitation methods which help your group unleash their wisdom, gifts and grounded actions.

I listen deeply and follow the leadership of those most impacted by historic and current injustices. My approach to facilitation is collaborative right from the start. I partner with you to identify and convene a small design team of people connected to your work, who have different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Together we engage in a participatory design process that creates space for reckoning with the context of your work, engaging others in the process, crafting intentions or desired outcomes, and thinking about how to skillfully facilitate spaces that move your inner and outer work forward.

One pillar of my approach is co-facilitation. In partnership with anti-racist co-conspirators, my facilitation work involves creating spaces to name, explore, unlearn, and transform all levels of oppression - internalized, interpersonal, institutional and structural. My approach to facilitation is not “neutral” in the way that facilitation is taught in dominant culture. As a Black, southern woman and mama I do not have the privilege or luxury of engaging in “neutral” facilitation which maintains oppressive power dynamics. I lead this work with an understanding and lived experience of working within a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, ableist, capitalist system designed to exploit and oppress Black people and others who are viewed as marginal in American society. Our work together invites people to bring their whole selves, their lived experiences and all of their intersecting identities.