Love is the ultimate motivation of a transformative leader. Love inspires, it activates audacity, boldness and courage, and it generates boundless energy. Without love of a cause, how can we take a stand, how can we make sacrifices, how can we venture, how can we take risks? It is love that generates the energy that keeps us unfolding the future, that keeps us engaged, that keeps us in the groove.
— Hope Chigudu’s thoughts on ‘Riding the Waves of Activist Leadership’
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Mattice Haynes is a southern changemaker and emergent strategist who passionately works with leaders to cultivate shifts in power and culture which advance the self-determination, healing and liberation of black people, people of color and others with marginalized identities. She has twenty years of experience as a facilitator of highly participatory dialogue and action planning processes. Mattice now provides transformative coaching and leadership development, liberatory facilitation and design, and strategy advisement on racial justice and authentic community engagement efforts.

Mattice is the Founding Principal of The Art of Community, a ten-year old facilitation and engagement consulting practice that is evolving into a black-woman-led, multiracial social justice collective of facilitators, coaches, organizers, writers, healers, researchers, activists, planners, educators and artists. Prior to sharpening her focus on racial justice coaching and leadership development, Mattice hosted hundreds of inclusive conversations and led local, regional, and national multi-stakeholder engagement projects addressing a broad range of systemic issues.

Mattice earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Policy from Georgia State University and is a certified coach.